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Candid Photography


Candid Photography in Lucknow

Vijay Studio also is CANDID PHOTOGRAPHER IN LUCKNOW , we are among the first to provide this service to our customers in Lucknow and NORTH INDIA. Our equipment for this type of photography has always been industry standard, with specially designed lenses for candid working. Vijay studio is among the best CANDID PHOTOGRAPHERS IN LUCKNOW and in some cases the first in editing technology as we have most editing equipment came from Europe and Japan.

Candid photography requires fast reactions in working or teams are trained what to look for during photo shootout if they are following candid style one. It is easy said than done because weddings are chaos total with very little rhythm found in between. Photographer are taught techniques during his training what to arrange, what to look for and then go for the finalized shot, as told earlier easy said than done. But the technique to do is with specialists like us. So prefer us to get the best work done.